Vasa Order - nordic flagsDanmark, Suomi, Island, Norge, Sverige, Farö, Åland, Grönland, SamiVasa Order Atlanta is a Scandinavian cultural and educational organization. We are based in Metro Atlanta, and welcome members from the surrounding area. Vasa Order Atlanta, Vasa Order of America Lodge #708, meets monthly in Atlanta GA. Please join us.

Vasa Order of America was founded in 1896 in New Haven, Connecticut at the height of Swedish immigration to the United States as a Swedish-American fraternal order. Vasa Order of America emerged out of the many Swedish societies that existed as a safety net for early immigrants. Named for the House of Vasa, the historic Royal House of Sweden, it has been noted as the largest Swedish American ethnic or cultural non-profit organization.

The Vasa Order comprises the Grand Lodge, 18 District Lodges, and more than 150 local lodges. Local lodges in the United States, Canada, and Sweden offer cultural, language, and scholarship programs. The organization owns numerous lodge buildings and several parks, operates the Vasa National Archives at Bishop Hill, Illinois, and administers an Old Age and Sick Benefit Fund for members. Grand Conventions are held every four years. Apply For Membership